The Beginning

My story beings as humble as any and is one of its kind. I came from once prosperous, but lost everything to life, was poor family. I grew up in my humble village without really any knowledge of riches or prosperity. My mother was determined not to have my Education wasted like my elder brothers as I was a brilliant student and she sent me away on a boarding hostel ran with the help of French Missionary in Pondicherry. That’s where my Life really started. I grew up a brilliant student despite my poor background and the Parish Priest liked my eagerness to learn well enough to see me through Collage even though the hostel only allows up to 10th grade.

The Computer

I was introduced to Computers when I was studying 8th Grade by a demo of Computer Graphics and Animation (Dinosaur drawn and animated to run on a static field) in my School. I was immediately captivated and knew that this is going to be my future.

I pestered my Parish Priest to help me study Computers and he was kind enough to spend for me to study in a private Education Center called DART (Data Analysis and Robotic Technology). That’s where I started to learn more than my interest in Graphics, Animation and Programming.

But, once I saw the power of Programming, my artistic sides took a backseat and I was fully blown into learning how to make things out of Computers and how to make the world a better place by producing the best of Software that help.

The Career

It took me a while to figure out my Career path as I was originally a Student of many interests even in Information Technology. But, my first Career was teaching which came naturally to me as I was the prominent Student in APTECH Computer Educations when they noticed and asked me to Teach there.

I setup a Software Company named Zephyr Info Tech in Pondicherry after my work in APTECH to pursue my ultimate aim of producing high quality software that helps better the World. But, I was too young and didn’t knew the World as any idealistic Person who’s ignorant of the true nature of Life. It took me a while to get back on my feet after the failure of that Company. I took many Jobs to help mitigate my financial needs. But, I was secretly hoping to get into a better Company someday to learn and prepare myself to create my own Company.

The turning point in my Career came with a Company named 365Media, Inc. It was my first multi-national Company and was my actual training ground in real-world computing and the place of my many firsts.

Many companies after, I’m still a growing Person with knowledge and experience with each Company I pass by. But, I’m much more ready than ever to create something powerful myself and change the world with the Company that will be as phenomenal as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Currently, I’m working in Quadrant 4 System Corporation as Senior Technical Architect.

The Future

It was a well known secret to all my Friends, some Colleagues and my immediate Family members that I had a burning craving to create something powerful and helpful to the World in a phenomenal way that it ultimately changes how the World sees and uses Information Technology.

I’ve started my first step into that with the Company that I’ve envisioned myself to be creating in the future as GeniusBits, Inc. Right now, there’s nothing in it. But, it’s a slowly growing one and it’ll be very soon a bigger one enough to be noticeable and to kick me out of the Employment in other Companies and start being with my own Company.

The Passion

I’m a very passionate creature. It’s in my nature and it’s who I am. I can’t change that. 🙂 So, I’ve started to put my Passions in separate areas and try to keep them independent without affecting my Career or other Passions.


Technology is my primary passion and is part of my Career and the winner of my everyday Bread and Butter. I post about various Topics in Technology from time to time at my Sri Blogs.


Arts is in my blood and I’m more of an ardent admirer than an Artist myself. But, from time to time, I get the itch to try my Artistic side and whatever I get out of it, I publish that in my Sri Arts blog.


Photography is my wonderment of Nature and God’s true power. Again, I’m not a great photographer. I’m more of an admirer here as well. But, from time to time, I take the time to shoot some nice pictures and if I get them right, I’ll share them in my Sri Photos blog.


Music is my heart and soul. It’ll always be in my ears and thoughts. I’m a big lover of good quality Music and I absolutely believe in their divinity. I publish the Music I’ve enjoyed in my Sri Music blog.


I’m a bookworm. I read a hell lot. I’ve always wondered how would it be to write something myself. So, I created myself a pen-name, AkaSri (amalgamation of the first Tamil Name letters of my Father, Mother and myself). I write using this pen-name from time to time in my English blog AkaSri Speaking and my Tamil blog அகஶ்ரீ பேசுகிறேன். But, I’ve many ideas to write really big Novels and continuous Novels in the near future. Whatever I do, I’ll surely publish it respectively in those blogs.